COVID-19 Infection Control Consultant - CLOSED

At this unprecedented time, The Croft Residential Home in Newton Abbot, Devon, is looking for an experienced clinical practitioner, with exceptional communication skills, who can help our management and staff ensure the Infection Control (IC) practices in our residential care home are being delivered to the highest possible standards in order to protect our 22 residents and 25 staff.

The team at The Croft are well trained and familiar with IC practices required to deal with typical infectious outbreaks (like D&V) which sometimes occur in residential homes. However, COVID-19 is highly infectious and an unprecedented threat to the life of the vulnerable adults in our care.

As a consequence, the owners and Registered Providers of The Croft have implemented new levels of IC, in line with Government guidance, to help mitigate this new threat. But, we are looking for advice and instruction from an expert who can help us develop these new IC policies, while also training and coaching our staff to ensure they are implementing the processes as robustly as possible.

The Role:

  • Review The Croft’s COVID-19 Infection Control Measures prescribed in four levels of response to the status of the virus and make improvement recommendations as necessary;
  • Conduct on-site spot checks of the IC practices being applied by all care and domestic staff at The Croft;
  • Implement on-the-job coaching and training to all staff on IC best practices, as needs are identified;
  • Review all IC related equipment, PPE and COSHH products at The Croft to ensure they are adequate for requirements;
  • Report to the Croft Leadership team during the daily COVID-CALL meetings to update on progress implementing the highest IC Standards, plus recommending any remedial actions which may be required.

The Person:

The ideal candidate will have some or all of the following experience and attributes:

  • A medical professional, or an aid volunteer, who has significant experience designing, implementing and managing Infection Control measures during the break-out of a highly infectious and lethal viral disease (e.g. Legionella, SARS, EBOLA, Bird Flu, etc);
  • An understanding of best practice Infection Control measures and UK Government (Public Health England) COVID-19 guidance for high risk environments;
  • Experience in implementing Infection Control measures in a residential care home, nursing home, hospital or field hospital, or adapting Infection Control measures to a wide range of physical environments;
  • Exceptional communication and coaching skills. The ability to communicate clearly with well intended staff who do not necessarily have much experience dealing with lethal infectious diseases;
  • Experience with on-the-job change management practices which are effective at helping care staff adopt new behaviours and practices and doing this in a way which enhances the confidence of the staff. Including the implementation of training other coaches within the staff team;
  • Attention to detail and the ability to identify any short-falls in the implementation of Infection Control practices;
  • A high level of resourcefulness and the ability to innovate methods to maximise Infection Control in the event of any short-comings in the PPE or equipment available at The Croft;
  • This role might suit a retired, or semi-retired, specialist medical professional or medical consultant, including nurses and Doctors, with experience dealing with infectious diseases and a desire to help save the lives of 22 vulnerable adults and 25 staff.

What We Offer:

  • A competitive salary, negotiable and dependent on experience and qualifications
  • A temporary contract, minimum of two weeks up to three months (contract term flexible)
  • A flexible working pattern, anything from a full-time to part-time, including evenings and weekends to suit the individual
  • Contract, self-employed, or employed status, to suit the individual
  • Provision of accommodation in the area, if needed
  • All meals while on shift
  • A real opportunity to save lives while training other committed staff to do the same
  • A fun team of staff who are eager to learn and a very grateful management team!
  • Applications from volunteers are also welcomed

For more information, or to discuss this opportunity, call Simon Spiller on 07501465119


  • Discounted/free food
  • On-site parking
  • Flexible working hours

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Contract

Salary: £500.00 to £2,000.00 /week

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