COVID-19 Status Update

The Croft is currently in the third week of a Confirmed Outbreak of COVID-19. Our status, as of 6th May, is that we have two residents living on site who tested positive for COVID-19 one week ago. One further resident, who had tested positive two weeks ago, was retested last week and is now negative for COVID-19. That person appears fit and well. The other resident from The Croft that tested positive for COVID-19 on admission to hospital, for an apparently unrelated condition, unfortunately died in hospital seven days later.

All residents continue to be isolating in their rooms at The Croft and there are no further suspected cases of COVID-19. The two residents who tested positive are both doing very well and have been mainly asymptomatic since their last test a week ago. They are both living within our “Red Zone”, which is a corridor that acts as an isolation ward.

Our team of staff have all been tested over the last four days and we await their results. They continue to be committed and diligent in their infection control and containment measures to protect residents, and each other, during this outbreak.  Their resilience, bravery and positivity in the face of this ongoing outbreak are an inspiration, and we are very proud of them all. 

At this stage The Croft is well supplied with all the necessary PPE, mainly as a result of our own procurement efforts.  Test results for our staff are taking longer than promised to be returned and accessing ongoing testing for residents and staff is proving somewhat elusive, which is frustrating.  

Any press enquiries should be directed to Simon Spiller, Registered Provider, on 07501 465119.  Press enquiries will not be taken on The Croft’s landline.

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